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you watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." so what now? working through the weekend republicans and democrats still unable to find a common ground on raising the debt ceiling. are we going to have a football season or what? it look like the answer is yes. we will tell you what's happening today. >> steven miller said take the money and run. that's what airlines did after federal taxes were expired. it could -- what it could mean for you. we will let you know all that coming up on july 25th of the good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this monday morning many you probably spent the weekend indoors or hopefully submerged in cool water because it was roasting out there. let's see if we can get a break. here's meteorologist justin berk. >> i have to feel bad for those in forest hill and hard -- harford county. a lot went without power for most of the weekend and others
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didn't expect a full hit of the cycling of the power they signed up for. the local utilities companies, but we got a break from the 100 degree readings yesterday. 98 degrees in baltimore. we are back down to 78 this morning. but when you factor in the humidity, it feels like #0s. -- 80s. we have done this for the better part of the last week. and we have a little break in the clouds this morning, and sunshine slipping through. baked storms on the wide screed in vest iwo jima and some -- screen in west virginia and some in northeastern maryland. we will watch that spread across the rest of the area. we hit 92 with locally heavy downpours. let's see what's happening on the dry roads with tonya. >> reporter: we have dry roads, no major incidents and that's always good news. even mta says bus and rail service is on time as well. let's look outside to see how traffic is moving along. this is the jfx at northern parkway. traffic building in both directions but no incidents. the southbound is heavier to
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the right. northbound is moving along fine. we have volume top side of the beltway outer loop a bit slow at liberty road. west side we have volume building and harrisburg expressway southbound is fine. charley. >> thanks. get ready to wave the checkered flag. baltimore grand prix race inching closer and this morning abc2 linda so is live downtown with details on the next phase of this project. linda. >> reporter: well, charley, construction on the two-mile track will begin today. a racetrack wall will go up here at the quarter of light and pratt street at 7 this evening. if you go through downtown baltimore you've seen the orange codes and detour signs in preparation for the grand prix race held here on labor day weekend. that race is expected to draw thousands to the city and later today official for the race will be on hand to talk about the event and details surrounding construction of the track. again, that will happen at 7 tonight here at light and pratt
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street. linda so, abc2 news. 6:32. in the case of dueeling debt plants republicans and democrats -- plans, dee republicans and democrats are trying to come up with a plan. secretary of state clinton is in asia to assure asia a debt ceiling will be reached. it's a crisis out of washington this morning. sherrie johnson joins us in the studio with the latest on what happens now. >> reporter: the deadline for the federal government to continue to pay its bills is fast approaching. but neither side appears ready to blink. democrats want the debt ceiling raised to the end of 2012 and republicans are insisting that the debt ceiling can be raised as much as spending is being cut. the house speaker is focus on a short term approach to cut spending by a trillion and raise the debt ceiling by a trillion but the plan would only allow the government to pay its bills through early
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next year. >> and then have to go through the exercises all over again. that we are not going to do. >> i note president is worried about his next election. but my god shouldn't we be worried about the country? >> there's no choice our alternative. failure is not an option. >> reporter: speaker wanted the outlines of a plan before 3 mckie p.m. to send a positive message to the financial markets but that didn't happen. asian marks are down and the u.s. futures are not looking good. both sides remain optimistic and agreement will be reached and avoid disaster. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. news from around the nation this morning, oregon congressman has been facing calls to resign after a newspaper accused him of making- appropriate sexual advance the to -- making-appropriate sexual advances towards a young woman. nancy pelosi is calling for an ethics investigation. the paper is reporting a single democrat official confirmed that he said he wouldn't resign but complete his terl and retire in 2012 glsh glsh his
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term and retire in 20 -- retire and -- his term and retire in 2012. check this out. massive flames coming out in los angeles. the flames raced through a apartment complex and also charred a carport and scorched several cars. firefighters believe that this was all set intentionally. no doubt about it york would you want to -- it you want to get tower destination quickly and don't want to pay a lot for the airline ticket. >> but it's not the gas prices causing a increase. what you can figure to play when you flight friendly skies. >> sometimes you can get lost in the apple store. the apple store that could become the largest in the world. how big it will be. as we go to break a. live picture from new york city. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning. ah, progress.
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now "good morning maryland." news time #:39. the -- 6:39. big apple could be home to the biggest apple of it all. officials in new york will vote on whether forp -- for apple to build a 23,000 square foot store. it could be authorized come wednesday. important news if you are booking a flight. you may be paying a little more for your ticket. so federal tax on airline tickets expired over the weekend and most of the major u.s. airlines raised fares to offset expired taxes.
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the airlines could have passed the savings to consumers but only a few on thed to do so. expiring tax total $25 or more on a typical $300 round trip ticket. in is -- this is one that makes you raise your eyebrows because you see what's going on? that's one expensive weany. an $80 hot dog. it is at ball parks in boston. it is made from ingredients rarely seen on a fast-food man you so it's gourmet. featuring a half pound of all beef sausage in truffle oil and mushrooms and white truffle shavings. the bread roll is a buckwheat hand crafted in a cape cod most expensive bakery. that hot dog again is $80 to you if you want to enjoy it. >> 20ments away from 7 right now. a mother is desperate. >> this morning she is pleading for your help this morning. >> reporter: her baby boy is missing from baltimore. i am linda so. we will show you pictures of
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the boy and who he went with. and we are standing by for a huge announcement today regarding the national football league. the deal that is almost done and when players and team facilities could be reopen. for life off the stage was bigger than the life on the stage. details we could learn today in the death of pop singer amy winehouse. of 6:41. it's sad we are cooling down to 92. that's our call for today. but also showers and thunderstorms our future radar highlighting some of us could have it before lunchtime. and a lot of cows have soaking rain -- of us could have soaking rain by the afternoon. we will talk about the cool down in a moment. >> reporter: we are slow on outer loop on the west side of the beltway. also have an accident on 50. i will show you where when "good morning maryland" continues. it's early. [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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now "good morning maryland." monday morning thanks for
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joining. this is your abc2 news to go. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's check your forecast meteorologist justin berk. >> starting to feel the change of pace. it's nasty out there this morning. we didn't hit 100 yesterday in many spots. that's the first sign of a change. and clouds this morning are there. a little hint of the sun coming up over the eastern sky. mount airy and a lot of us dealing with the haze. and whether it's a little hazy sun or overcast conditions, at least it's brightening over the eastern view from glen oak at the elementary school and they are 78 degrees. east northeastern hind of the wind. not a strong wind but that's thecomponent and that comes off water. the u.s. naval academy is at 78. officially 78 in baltimore with the heat intext 83. we drop not in detroit and chicago out of the 70s but green bay and they are down to 68 this morning. that's the first real sign of an improved air pass. but we have to deal with this
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soupy environment and showers and storms actually firing up this morning back into the mountains. up north of the lake ontario in ontario canada and the frontal boundary slicing through the grace grate lakes and less humid air but ahead -- -- great lakes and less humid air. but there will be the potential for torrential downpoursch front is back there but there's a meck him in of lifting with some disturbances left over from weekend storms. it's hart to pin -- hard to pinpoint where boundaries are but you will see them on the radar as they fire up this morning. at 11:30, northeastern maryland, we will see if it is verified but it highlights widespread storms and looks like northernmaryland we have a shot through southern pa and it will drop across the chesapeake bay. a disturb -- a little disturbance in the atmosphere enhancing the storms with lines of showers and storms back into
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the mountains. and the actual boundary will take another day to push through. there's the line of clouds and the front tomorrow evening and behind that it better. some of the torrential downpours could drop 1 to 2 inches in an who you're time span. that's too much for the drainage systems and could lead to local flooding. if you need the rain, you don't need it all at once. 92 is the two degree guarantee. and any storms this evening will settle down overnight. dropping to 69 is optimistic. probably staying until the 70s downtown. it will be hot but less humitomorrow and 90 on wednesday will be the best day of the week. lows in the 60s and we are back into the upper 90s and more hugh miity and afternoon storms by friday. >> reporter: 50 eastbound in arnold an accident there. we are very slow on the outer loop here's the middle of the slowdown slow from reisterstown
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road to security boulevard. also, we have some fire activity light foot drive at diana road. light foot drive at die anda road. fire -- diana road. fire activity. watch out for emergency vehicles. back to you. a baby is missing from baltimore. he is 7-month-old and was seen with a 16-year-old baby-sitter. abc 2 news linda so is live downtown where police are searching for the baby. linda. >> reporter: well, police have reason to believe the baby sitter is closer to the d.c. area perhaps in prince george's or montgomery county. let's show you a picture of what the girl looks like. she is jonae boozer. she was last seen walking away with 7-month-old ki 'yauhn birch. she has a blonde mohawk hair style and facial pierceings. the baby's father charlie birch says he asked jonae to watch his son for a few minutes to go
6:49 am
down street for cigarettes. he says he didn't know jonae and she came to the house with a friend. police since questioned the dad. the baby's mother whitney mcgee is pleading for her son's safe return. >> how this girl walking through baltimore city and don't nobody see her. she appeared out of nowhere. this girl didn't magically appear and walk off with a baby and nobody know nothing. something don't sound right. >> reporter: police are considering this a missing person's case, not an abduction. they don't believe the baby has been harmed but they have reason to believe the baby sitter is in the dc area. live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. a pasadena man is dead after a crash. it happened saturday night in glen burnie. authorities say that victim 52 dwroarld james could be -- 52- year-old james cockrell was on a motorcycle and another rider
6:50 am
intentionally crashed his motorcycle trying to avoid an oncoming car that may have crossed the center line when cockrell lost control and was thrown from the vehicle. authorities say alcohol and speed appear to have been factors in the accident. baltimore pauses to remember the lives lost on september 11th, 2001. city firefighters played host to new york city firefighters presenting them with a plaque. 343 firefighters died in the attack at world trade center. . >> the hurt do not g's away. the heros were -- go away. the heros were on the front line. they were givers. >> it was a monumental occasion because organizers paid tribute to cycle riders responsible for transporting a steel beam from the world trade center all the way to baltimore. 6:-- six southern
6:51 am
california firefighters set off sunday on a cross country bike ride honoing those who died on september 11th. the firefighters will cycle more than 3300 miles through 14 states during the next 30 days. the group including five firefighters who werel ride part-time will a-- who will ride part-time will arrive in new york september 9th. they went down for a while but now gas prices are climbing back up again. according to lundberg survey the price to fill up jump 9 crypts. average price is up 3.0 in the baltimore area about -- 3.70 in the baltimore area, one cent cheaper. evened to the nfl -- an end to the nfl lockout may be close. sherie johnson is here with the latest on what could have a happy ending for nfl fans. >> reporter: that's right. the nfl is optimistic the lockout will end as players meet today. the executive committee of the
6:52 am
players association is gathering in washington. it was a late request by players to have an on the out class inserted into the bargaining agreement -- out clause inserted into the bargaining agreement. the request by players toa the clause allows them to on the -- to the clause allows them to on the out in year 7. the timeline is fluid right now but the doors to team facilities could open to players by wednesday allowing them to fill out paper union cards to reform the union. now the proposed collective garbage ining agreement with 1900 players would last through -- garbage ining agreement with 1900 players would last through the 2021 season. this just in, we are learning about the arraignment for the oslo terror suspect. it's going to be health behind closed doors. the arraignment is coming up at 7 a.m. police say that anders breivik
6:53 am
confessed to the attacks that killed 93 people. his lawyer wants says he wants to explane his massacre but it's behind closed doors. investigators say that he took part of his 1500 page manifesto from unabomber ted kaczynski. dominic strauss-kahn has yet to speak pub click about the allegations. the maid smoke he can cluesively with robin roberts and you will see the interview this morning here on abc2 news. the former head of the imf is expected to reject the plea deal. and he is due back in court next monday. polygamist leader warren jeffs is due in court stemming from a raid of his church, the fundamentalist church of jesus christ of latter-day saints is a. [ away church from the
6:54 am
mormon church. for the alleged -- he will face trial later this morning beginning in san angelo texas. top administrators will meet to discuss the crime threats. some official involved in theunveiling of a strategy is attorney general eric holder, secretary of home lan security janet in a pop -- napolitano and david cohen. an autopsy for singer amy winehouse is scheduled for today. the body of the gram way award winner-- grammy award winner was found in her apartment in london. she was 27. her family is asking for privacy be a space -- and space during this time. if you live in howard county, the executive wants to hear from you. you can ask questions or make a comment or offer a suggestion. forum against at 7 at north laurel community senter. it's called pavement to
6:55 am
peary project and the goal is to help pollution -- prairie project and the goal is to help pollution come down. an artist from the warp tool will convert a acre worth of parking lot space from pavement into an outdoor education center at the academy college and career exploration. that's kicking off this morning at 8. retireees on solomon's ireland are boosting the chesapeake bay's oyster population. oysters raised in cages will be moved tuesday morning onto a man-made wreath. the reef is one of eight the organizes maintains. we are getting relief today but the extreme heat combined with the transformer problems triggered the first emergency event in four years for the baltimore gas and electric energy. the savings program. for those who sign up, the program allows the company to turn off air conditioning units when the demand is at the
6:56 am
highest in return for saving so about 50 to 100 a year. pbge announced the event reduced demand and avoid brownouts and rolling black japs but some complained they were left without air conditioning for hours as temperatures inside the homes climbed to 90 degrees. a lot of people said they had to throw out their food. bge had other problems that kept the air conditioners off for a longer period of time. that would have been brutal this weekend. >> can't imagine. >> people were telling me about that problem in har forecounty. they didn't -- harford county. they didn't get the rain yesterday but hopefully afternoon, we will aim for 92. but some storms could produce local flooding. a quick 1 to 2 inches of rain. it's liquid gold but not all at once. >> these would be the quick hitting summer storms. >> that rock everything. >> and pound you and drop. >> like going through a car wash but your car is not clean. >> we need something more steady. >> yes. a quick accident 50
6:57 am
eastbound in arnold. >> take it easy and we will have weather and traffic updates throughout the morning. have great day. ♪ [ male announcer ] it has an hd webcam for flattering video chats, awesome audio, and lids that switch to match your mood. but mostly it helps me keep an eye on my boyfriend. even though he doesn't know he's my boyfriend. yet. [ male announcer ] powered by the 2nd gen intel core processor family. not just smart. visibly smart. get an inspiron 15r with 6 gig memory and 640 gig hard drive for $599.99 at
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